Why is the response to grief different through time?

Author: Terry J, Bonebrake | | Categories: End Of Life Doula , In-Home Funeral Guide

The grief response differs at each moment in life.  Humans are not static beings, thus each activity and event either indirectly or directly affects their holistic viewpoint physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Bereavement time has dramatically been diminished from what was formerly allowable during Civil War era, and in certain instances, individuals may be able to work through a most of their personal grief journey in a shorter time than previously socially acceptable.  Initial responses of denial of a loss, for instance the loss of step-parent or estranged parent, may cause the appearance that there are no concerns.  As one matures physically and emotionally, their thoughts and feelings can change to bring a realization of the place the deceased actually filled within their own heart and spirit.  It can be around the twelfth week when individuals can be increasingly open to mental health professional help to facilitate their grief process.  This might stimulate the finalization of a grief process stuck in denial even years before.  Occasionally the person may allow a bitter spirit to embalm their own feelings which makes healing more complicated.  Acceptance of the reality of a loss brings with it a pain that a person may or may not be ready to emotionally work through.