Is it affordable for my loved one with increasing physical needs to stay at home?

Author: Terry J, Bonebrake | | Categories: Caregivers For Seniors , In Home Personal Care , Meal Preparation , Medication Reminders , Respite Care , Senior Home Care , Senior Home Health Care


Aging in place is first and foremost determined by individual choice, the ability to remain safe from harm and personal resources all supplement this decision.  The leaf, or snowflake is comparative to each person and family’s unique differences.  Assisted living facilities provide a wonderful level of care, however, at a substantial private cost of approximately $4000 and more monthly.  During a free comprehensive home assessment, persons can come to realize some risks to remaining in their home which they may or may not have thought of in determining their life goals.  The person can then better develop their own unique plan to have the necessary supports delivered to help them reach their goals in an affordable manner.   This initial assessment often helps families realize the community services available which are able to work together as substantial partners in helping them reach their goal to age in place.